Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Adíos, Ann Arbor

    I flew home yesterday and have never looked more forward to spending time with family and friends and relaxing. I’m pretty wiped out from my trip and took today really easy, but tomorrow I’ll start shadowing two physical therapists until it’s time to return to Des Moines. My time in Ann Arbor was challenging, but there’s lots of good memories looking back. I could write thousands of words describing my experiences, but they say a pictures worth 1,000 words. Here’s 16,000 from my summer.

The AA farmer's market was fantastic! I made sure to carry on a cinnamon roll yesterday to share a little bit of AA with my mom and sister.

I cooked for myself full-time for the first time this summer. I really enjoy cooking, it's really just chemistry that you can eat!

I accidentally melted a spatula into one of our three pots. Like all good chemists, I brought it to lab the next day to dissolve it with a little Acetone.

With friends at Comerica Park on the 4th of July

1800s baseball at Greenwich Village and the Henry Ford Museum

Colorless Crystals of
Zn2+[12-MC-Zn(II), -pheHA-4]

The Ann Arbor art fair completely took over town for a few days

The Pecoraro Group, Summer 2012

Tacos are one of my go to meals

Canoeing on the Huron River with Maureen and Aaron

Last day in the lab in front of my fume hood

My desk in the Pecoraro lab

With Sibo, another REU student from Peking University in Beijing who also worked on the Metallacrown Project. I learned a lot from him and a lot about China.

"Please close door gently, growin' crystals, thanks"

The archway on the Diag, a well known icon at the University of Michigan

Enjoying some pizza with my friend Christian on our last night in AA. He was my movie buddy for the summer.

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