Sunday, September 23, 2012


    It’s been too long! I apologize for the lack of posts, there’s been a lot going on at the start of the semester, and blogging has often been the last thing on my mind. The start to the school year has been absolutely fantastic! it’s reminded me of how lucky and blessed I am to be able to spend five years of my life at Drake. School, campus fellowship, running, the chemistry club, and more is all going very well right now, lots of fun things are happening. One thing that’s new this year is that I’m now involved in Mortar Board, a senior honor society as well. It’s a group of seniors who have distinguished themselves in their academic excellence (top 25% of graduating class), leadership, and service. It’s a great way to network with alumni, and we also get together to volunteer, have fun at social events, and find ways to give back to the campus community. Right now I’m planning one of our first social events at a place called SkyZone! I went there last spring with the chemistry club, it was a blast!
    Although Drake is a relatively small University, they find ways to bring big name speakers to campus! Two weeks ago, former president Jimmy Carter and his wife came and spoke about their foundation the Carter Center as well as their other humanitarian efforts. It’s really awesome to see so many great clubs and organizations on campus that are fighting for social justice and trying to improve the world we live in, Jimmy was impressed with the efforts of DU students.
    This past weekend, Josh McDowell, a Christian apologist came to Drake and Des Moines to give several talks. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to hear his talk on Drake’s campus, but I got to see him this morning at church, his life is an amazing testament of how Christ can transform lives!
    There’s so many good things going on at Drake right now, I can’t wait to update you all in the weeks to come!


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