Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Full Circle

    I received exciting news yesterday: I have been admitted into the University of Minnesota’s Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) Graduate Program! Ever since I decided last summer that physical therapy was something I wanted to pursue, this is the program I’ve been eying, and I’m ecstatic that the waiting is now over. The past year was a lot of work, I had to take more credits in the fall and spring than I ever had to before, I had to persevere through long hours of PT shadowing and running in the dark over winter break, and I had to stay determined in the classroom. The e-mail I received yesterday reaffirmed that everything that’s happened over the past year has been worth it, things have come full-circle now.
    Choosing Minnesota’s program was easy for me. It’s one of the most highly regarded programs in the Midwest, and has a lot of perks to offer. For PT school, you can’t really go wrong choosing any school, all are well respected and are competitive for admission. Minnesota stuck out to me because it’s based in Minneapolis, where my family still resides and a town I’ve grown to love. It also offers a research based component that will allow me to work with other students and professors on a meaningful project that will hopefully lead to significant contributions in the realm of PT. Another aspect that really appealed to me was the service projects the University participates in throughout the community. During my first year, I’ll have an opportunity to gain experience and help others in the clinic in some of the poorest areas of Minneapolis. The “U” has many other graduate programs as well, and even has the option of a joint DPT/Ph.D. program. Becoming a professor to teach was something that interested me greatly when I was thinking about pursuing graduate school for chemistry, now I’ll have the same option to do so at the University of Minnesota if I choose to pursue that route. Finally, cost is always a factor as well. I’ve racked up quite a few loans at Drake over the past four years, and Minnesota’s program is one of the most affordable because it is a public University. Ultimately, I feel blessed to attend a fantastic program. My journey will begin next July.
    So what now? I have three courses in Des Moines I still need to complete (one for my math major, two for physical therapy prerequisites). Outside of my courses, I’ll be working at the Drake Diner as a waiter (you should stop in for a meal!), and as a chemistry, math, and Spanish tutor. Outside of this, I’m training for my first half marathon this fall, and hoping to enjoy some good time with friends in Des Moines before it’s time to leave next year.
    This will probably be my last post for Drake. I’d like to thank Tim in the marketing department for the wonderful opportunity to write for three years. It all started with the dream of being selected for the prestigious Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program (which I was!), and became much more than I ever thought. My Drake experience has been phenomenal in every way, from my time on the cross country and track teams, to my academics and research experiences, to the clubs and extracurricular activities I was able to get involved with, and to grow in faith with Jesus Christ. Out of all the things I’ll remember, the people at Drake will stand out the most to me.
    With Freshman moving in tomorrow, I wish I could rewind four years and go through “the Great Divide” one more time.

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  1. Congrats, Mike. We are so proud of you. You've done things the right way - with faith, integrity, perseverance and honor. May God continue to guide your path. Love always ... Dad