Friday, April 8, 2011

Track Attack!

Sorry for the long delay in posting, as mentioned in the previous post, China kind of almost took control of my life for a short period. I had a big paper due on Monday, and a 40 min debate on Wednesday, but if feels good to be done now. I really just tried to rely on the Lord to get me through that stretch, and he came through once again. Proverbs 1:7.

Right now, I am in Columbia, MO for a track meet. Day One was today, and tomorrow I will be running the 3000m. It could be a real shocker, the potential high of the day is 88, and my race is in the heat of the day. T & F is going to be real busy from here on out, we have meets scheduled every weekend until the end of finals, concluding with the Missouri Valley Conference Meet.

On Thursday I registered for classes, and it looks like next semester will be my hardest ever. It’ll be all chemistry and math classes, but just take a look at some of the classes sizes, it’s spectacular!

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry  w/ lab (4 credits)– class size: 3
Physical Chemistry  w/lab (4 credits)– class size: 8
Applied Differential Equations (3 credits) – class size: 12
Junior Chemistry Seminar(1 credit) – class size: 8
Undergraduate Research with Dr. Mark Vitha  (1 credit) (Analytical Chemistry, will be doing something with UV-Vis Spectroscopy)

Well if I can survive this next semester, I think I can survive anything, it’s gonna be a wild ride. Also, at the last Chemistry Club meeting, it was announced that I will be the President next year, so I look forward to blogging about what it’s like to be a student leader on campus.

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