Saturday, March 26, 2011

China, China, China!

Wow, it seems like China will be taking over my life in the next week and a half. I am currently taking a class called, “China and the World”, for my Engaged Citizen Area of Inquiry (A.O.I., which is pretty much a general requirement all students need to fulfill at Drake). In the next 10 days, I need to write an eight page paper stating whether or not I agree with the author of our primary text’s view on China’s agenda (or lack there of) in international relations or not (the book is Chinese Foreign Relations: Power and Policy Since the Cold War by Robert Sutter). At the moment, I am not thrilled about this assignment, however when I look back on it and the other A.O.I.s I have taken at Drake, they have really helped me develop into a well-rounded person, and have given me critical thinking and writing skills that will benefit me in my career. Both of my parents have noticed that my writing skills have improved to a great extent.

On top of this essay, I am in a group with three other students, and next Wednesday, we will be having a debate on the following question: “To what extent is China’s increasing demand for natural resources a threat to the world?” Right now, I am researching China’s dependence on oil, and the other members in my group are researching water, coal, and timber. We’re going to have to become experts on this topic, because we need to debate this topic for over half an hour to get a good grade! I better go do some more research now, because next Wednesday will be here before I know it! Time flies in college, whether you like it or not (I'll definitely like it once these assignments are over, that's for sure).

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