Sunday, March 20, 2011

Crunch Time

Spring Break is now over, and things are starting to come down to the wire. It’s fourth quarter time, and in my opinion, it’s the best part of the year to be a student at Drake!

Starting tomorrow, there will be seven weeks of classes left and one week of final exams. The biggest adjustment for me coming to college is that many of my classes are “back loaded”, meaning the majority of a grade in a certain class will be a result of the tests, papers, and other assignments that occur in the later half of the semester. For me, my China class sticks out in my mind: As of now, only 25% of the work we will be evaluated upon has been submitted. Much of the first eight weeks of class were used to lay a solid foundation of knowledge, so we can now analyze and assess the question our class revolves upon: “Is China a Threat?” The question is meant to be very open ended and broad, and the group I am working with will be studying China’s use of natural resources and their effects on the rest of the world.

Outdoor track season is now here as well, the majority of the team will open up next weekend with our first meet. I am excited for this season because it will be my first collegiate outdoor season (I had to redshirt outdoors last year due to injury), and I’m coming off a great indoor season and had good training over spring break. Drake hosts two home meets – the Jim Duncan Invitational, and of course, the Drake Relays! It’s a great blessing to have one of the nicest tracks in the whole world to train on everyday!

The entire week of relays is a blast (I’ll blog about this more later), and there are other great events to look forward to as well.

So now that it’s crunch time, it’s time for me to get back to the books (as I did little, if any studying over spring break). I look forward to closing out the school year strong – in the classroom and on the track!


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