Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halfway Gone

Halfway Gone October 16, 2011

This weekend marks the halfway point of the semester: eight weeks down, eight to go! Classes are in full swing now, and things are really demanding! I’m really looking forward to the end of this semester, it seems as if my life is consumed by hw, lab reports, and upcoming tests 24/7. This weekend we have fall break and I am using the time to catch up and work ahead on homework and lab reports.

Not everything is dull though! The Lord has really blessed me this semester, and running has been one of the outlets I’ve used in order to remain sane. Our team this year has been incredible. This past Friday, we won the Bradley Invitational, the fifth victory of the season. Everyone is in high spirits right now, as it looks like we’ll be able to contend for the Missouri Valley Conference title in two weeks! Personally my fitness has progressed nicely so far, and I think if given the opportunity, my best races are still yet to come. I was our ninth runner this past meet, running 26:14 for 8k, four seconds off my personal best. I’ll try on keeping this updated better in the weeks to come!

In Christ,


Matt Eckman, Ryan Flynn, Doug Brady, and myself after winning the Grandview Invitational earlier this month.

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