Sunday, October 30, 2011


Halloween is here again! This past Friday, I was able to celebrate with some of my friends in Campus Fellowship at a corn maze located just outside Des Moines. We were blessed with a beautiful night of weather, and enjoyed navigating the corn maze, jumping on a giant pillow, playing in a huge pool of corn, sipping hot apple cider, and more! We ended the night by stopping at Abelardo’s, a great, cheap Mexican restaurant located in Des Moines. (and coincidently the same name as my grandfather).

Halloween was always one of my favorite Holidays growing up, and still is. I remember the nights where I would go trick-or-treating with friends down the street and bring home a pillow case filled with more than 30 pounds of candy. I liked dressing up too, I always wanted to have one of the best costumes!

This year I was a Dalton Academy Warbler, from the TV show Glee. It was a little bit strange because I’m not a huge glee fan, but for the limited time I was home this summer, I watched some episodes with my mom and we saw the 3-D movie. After the movie was over, she said that I would make a great Warbler, because I look like Blaine, the lead Warbler.

I kind of joked back that I would be Blaine if she made me a costume, and she took me up on that offer! Not only did she make me the costume, but she went all out. When I opened a package on Thursday, I found a blue jacket with red trim, and a red tie with blue piping, exactly like the actual Warbler outfit. If I could sing and dance better, I could be a legitimate warbler!

One of the coolest things was that people actually realized I was a warbler when I dressed up, not some secret agent or president in a suit. There’s proof that mom did one heck of a job!

Occasionally throughout the night, I was asked if I was going to give a performance (just like the real Warblers), but I had to decline because Warblers never perform solo, only in groups. My warbling partner is my dog Annie, and she was unable to make the trip down to Des Moines, but she has a red bow-tie with blue piping, and when I make it home for Thanksgiving, we’ll give a performance. Overall, it was an awesome night of fun and fellowship with some awesome people.

Until Next Time,


Myself, as a Warbler

Blaine, the leader of the Dalton Academy Warblers

Annie, my Warbling partner.

A very impressive mini Warbler

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