Sunday, February 10, 2013

When Learning Gets Real

    One of the classes I’m most looking forward to this semester is my abnormal psychology class. Besides discussing and learning about disorders such as schizophrenia, bulimia nervosa, and post-traumatic stress disorder, we’ll cap off the class with a ten page term paper about a specific disorder we’re assigned. Sounds fun right?
    The paper will be a departure from the specific term paper. Instead of using strictly scientific, peer-reviewed sources, the main objective is to portray our knowledge of a specific disorder (alcohol abuse for me) by stating what we learned through first hand accounts of Internet blogs. For this reason, it’s called a “Lurking on the Internet” paper, and I’m excited to dig in and get going! I think the firsthand, vivid accounts of individuals and their family and friends who are affected by alcohol will transcend the traditional information that textbooks and other teaching methods can deliver. This is an area that impacts our society so much, and I’m excited to learn about it on a first hand basis. I look forward to comparing and contrasting the textbook cases with first hand accounts. I’ll keep you updated on what I find!

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