Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Little Wonders

    When I came to Drake, I knew there would be fun, big, and exciting things to look forward to each year: the Drake Relays, street painting, running fast races, finishing finals, earning your degree. I thought that it would be these moments that would really define my college experience. Those would be the times that I would remember when I reflect on my time twenty years from now. In essence, all moments like those above are of the type that I could anticipate and hope for. I’m not trying to discredit or belittle any of those moments; some of the ones I’ve mentioned above have been incredibly exciting and fulfilling, however they’re still not the ones that stand out.
    The moments I’ll remember most from college are when the seemingly normal or ordinary grew and developed into something extraordinary. When my plans and expectations didn’t pan out like I thought, they developed into something richer, more satisfying, and beautiful than I ever could have dreamed of. It’s these “Little Wonders” that give life its vigor and essence. I never would have thought that the friendships and relationships at Drake could develop into what they are today. I thought my summer research experience at the University of Michigan would culminate with a completely different ending. I envisioned my life four months prior to graduation to be vastly different from what it is now. It’s these “twists and turns of fate” that stand out and will still remain for a lifetime.

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