Monday, January 28, 2013

The "College" Experience

    I was recently asked, “What is the college experience all about?” When I took some time to think about it, the beautiful thing I realized was that it’s really that time period in life where you discover who you are and what you’re meant to do. You start to get some insight into some of life’s most profound questions like “What am I here for?”, “Why do I exist?”, and “What’s the purpose of my life?”.
    Before I came to Drake, I probably would have said it’s a time where you’re supposed to have fun, one grand finale of being a kid with limited responsibilities. Then once you graduate and have to get a job, then it’s time to grow up and take life seriously.
    Now in my fourth year of college, I’ve realized the opposite is true. By discovering who I am and what I’m meant to do, I feel like I’ve found the real me. I feel like I’m making an impact on the world now, even if the results aren’t immediate right away. Each day, I’m learning more and more, and eventually one day that knowledge will culminate and I’ll be able to help and serve others as a physical therapist. In essence, all that hard work will finally pay of and be meaningful in some way other than to myself. And that’s just the academic side of things.
    Ultimately, the “College” experience is really what you want to make of it. At Drake and other schools, there’s endless clubs, opportunities, and endeavors you can pursue, but time is limited. The things and people you invest your time into will be what makes your college experience unique from everyone else.

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